• Wizzy consulting

    Wizzy consulting is where Andy Rabagliati hangs out. Wizzy Digital Courier A scheme where telephone wire is replaced by Appropriate technology - sneakernet. Briefly, a USB stick is moved between a location without internet to a place with internet. When it is plugged in, it picks up and drops off email, acting as a high-latency replacement for the telephone wire. This scheme is no longer suitable for current uses of email, which include (for instance) the emailing of web links, so I have removed these pages.
  • ispy and mtest

    I used to have the sources and binaries of the ispy / mtest tools I wrote here, but more modern ones that compile more cleanly can be found on github and also on Geekdot pages What are they ? ispy scouts out a transputer network of the T4/T8/T2/C004 family, and reports back processor type, boot link and speed, and connection diagram. It can also program the C004s in the network, and compare the current network to a reference.